Say what?


Why Green Salon Collective?

The sad truth is that mixed recycling does not work. It causes cross-contamination within the bin bags, resulting in most salon waste being sent straight to landfill.

​By providing a circular economy for salons, Green Salon Collective are the solution with our ZERO to landfill policy. 



Is it true that I can gain new clients after joining Green Salon Collective?

Absolutely! GSC member Susan Collins wrote the following in her testimonial shortly after joining us “GSC makes it easy, knowing that we’re working and doing our bit means the world to us... we have also gained clients who search out sustainable salons”. Elf Hair Studio has also had a similar experience “It’s also got me new clients who are passionate about the world too. I love being apart of it". A recent survey says new members get on average 3 new clients in the first 3 months.

Green fees, Eco fees, Sustainable charges. What are they and how do they work?

For our system to become cost-neutral, our member salons charge their clients a £1 to £2 (or euro) "Green fee" per visit. Some salons call it an eco-fee or a sustainable fee, but either way, this extra charge covers all future costs of being a member with us. 

Do I have to charge a Green Fee?

No. However, we highly recommend you doing so for this system to become cost neutral for you as a salon. It’s also a great conversation starter for you to explain to your clients about all the great actions you’re taking with your salon waste.

How should I test to see if my clients would be happy in paying a £1 to £2 (or euro) Green Fee?

Ask them! We’ve had many salons who have posted a simple “Yes” / “No” survey on their social accounts and put the question to their clients. “Would you be happy in paying an extra £1 to £2 (or euro) per visit to help us in becoming a zero to landfill salon?” The results are maybe not too surprising…. Anthony Keast of Saco Hair said “Feedback from clients tells us that they are more than happy to add an extra £1 Green fee to their final bill. Our team love talking to clients about the changes and impact we are making, working with Salon Green Collective.”


How do I incorporate a Green Fee to a client bill?

We work with most salon software programs which means we can set up your system, so a Green Fee is automatically added to every invoice raised. It will sit separately on your profit & loss so you can clearly see how much you have generated in Green Fees vs. how much you have spent with us on return boxes. It will also ensure that it is kept separate from a stylist’s sales totals too.


Does Green Salon Collective charge a monthly membership fee?

No. ​Once you have paid for your registration kit, GSC is then a "pay as you go" system. Salons charge their clients a green fee then and then use that additional revenue to buy GSC return boxes when needed.

Do I need to clean the dirty foil or plastic before placing it in the separation bags?

No! We love dirty materials, so save water, and place all of your waste straight into the separation bags provided with your starter kit.


Can I recycle wet hair?

Yes! Just ensure that it’s human hair that you’re putting into the compostable bags provided with your starter kit and then place those bags into the returns box when full.



Can I recycle hair extensions?

Absolutely! We’ll pass all hair extensions that meet the criteria on to The Princess Trust. Just make sure that it’s only the hair you place in the returns box. Please remove all bonds/clips first.



Is there anything else I need to purchase in addition to a registration kit to get going?

No. We’ll give you everything you need to start your recycling journey with us. Everything from in-salon bins, to bin bags, to even window stickers for your clients to read about the amazing things you’re now doing with your salon waste.


Can we get some training on how to use everything that comes in our starter kit?

Absolutely! We run regular live training sessions that we’ll invite all new members to join. Just keep an eye out for an email announcing the next Salon Training event and make sure to follow us on Instagram as we’ll always post upcoming events their first.

Do you track the waste?

Yep! We track every bag you give us and provide you with certificates so you can share your waste totals with your salon guests and the wider community.