Discover FFØR, the professional haircare brand that believes in fusing nature with science to deliver sustainable, cruelty-free products without compromising results. FFØR is the brainchild of an impassioned team of environmentally friendly hairstylists and chemists who strived to create a range of products to challenge industry norms and empower ethically conscious stylists and clients.

In an incredible new chapter for the brand, FFØR launches its first ammonia, PPD and mineral oil free colour system with 60 shades, developers and 9+ levels of lift lightening powder. FFØR Hair Colour is powered by a Natural Oil Delivery System and Colour Complex, which infuses hair with hydration and radiant colour, locking it in for increased colour longevity while ensuring scalp comfort during processing. Each shade is also formulated with immersive, botanical fragrances of Vetiver and Bergamot to ensure a relaxing client experience. If you want to deliver blinding shine, hydrated hair and vibrant colour for your clients, FFØR Hair Colour is the choice for you.

Gareth Cook, FFØR UK and International Technical Educator, spearheads the brand’s education programme which launches with Colour Conversion and Foundation of Colour courses. Gareth brings to life the full FFØR Hair Colour package and vast shade family options, showcasing how the colour system works on a profound level within the hair fibre.

To check out the results of FFØR Hair Colour, please click here to see the work of Dylan McConnachie, FFØR Brand Ambassador. An award-winning stylist known for his technique-led work, Dylan has been working with FFØR’s full shade families and High:Lift Lightening Powder at Salon 64 in London. Dylan says:

“As a colourist, I’m very particular with what I use due to the condition implications, longevity, smell and cosmetic feel. FFØR Hair Colour contains a beautiful blend of grape seed and Brazil nut oil. The smell is divine and the condition is silk to touch, with great white hair coverage. If you aren’t already using it, you need to be!”

Written by FFOR for Green Salon Collective

Fry Taylor

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