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  • Compostable Box Tape (50m) Compostable Box Tape (50m)
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    Compostable Box Tape (50m)

    Compostable paper tape for your Return Boxes. This self-adhesive paper tape is the perfect plastic-free and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic tape.  Compostable & recyclable Plastic-free Vegan Made with a natural...
  • 100% Recycled Bags Recycled Bags
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    100% Recycled Bags, Large (x25)

    25 large 100% recycled LDPE bags  These bags are for our metal, PPE, plastic and paper bins.  (We have smaller bags in our shop for chemicals although these will hold...
  • Small Recycled Bags 100% Recycled Bags
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    100% Recycled Bags, Small (x25)

    25 small bags made from 100% recycled LDPE These bags are for CHEMICALS ONLY.   We have tested these bags to hold your chemicals and cannot guarantee any other bags to do...
  • Compostable bags salon waste disposal
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    Compostable bags (x25)

    x25 50L compostable bags Our compostable bags are for HAIR ONLY. They are a perfect fit for your in-salon bins! They are completely environmentally friendly and are certified to EN 13432...
  • GSC T-shirt

    Short sleeve, regular fit, genderless black tee with pocket. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton, Peta certified vegan, Fairwear accredited for good working conditions and as you can see, cool af.   Model...
  • GSC Marketing Stickers salon waste disposal
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    GSC Marketing Stickers (selection)

    Bin stickers: hair, metal, chemicals, PPE, plastic, paper Window sticker: “A proud member of GREEN SALON COLLECTIVE: We recycle the unrecyclable” Mirror stickers: “You’re in luck! We can save that cup”...
  • Salon Totals Certificate green salon collective
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    Salon Totals Certificate

    A4 sized card with writable surface (whiteboard markers).   You can wipe these clean and update your totals every 3 months.    NOTE: You don't need to buy a Salon...
  • Green Fingers Compostable Gloves (x100) Green Fingers Compostable Gloves (x100)
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    Green Fingers Compostable Gloves (x100)

    100 one-size-fits-all compostable gloves   100% Plant-based gloves   100% Plastic free 100% Compostable  100% Cool   13 pence per glove.    These are a loose fit glove, great for colour...
  • Recyclable 3-Ply Face Masks salon waste management
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    Recyclable 3-Ply Face Masks (x250)

    250 recyclable, disposable 3-ply face masks with prepaid return instructions. - - -  100% Recyclable The world’s only fully recyclable disposable 3-ply face mask. Made to the same stringent standards...
  • Food waste ADD-ON KIT ADD-ON KIT
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    Food waste ADD-ON KIT

     You will receive: Food waste bin with sticker.  - - -  This option is NOT a Starter Kit! It is an add-on to our Starter Kits or for current members looking...
  • Nail file and glass ADD-ON KIT ADD-ON KIT
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    Nail file and glass ADD-ON KIT

    You will receive: Small glass bin. Small nail file bin. 100% recycled bin bags (x5 per bin).   - - -  This option is NOT a Starter Kit! It is...
  • QR Guest Stickers x 5 QR Guest Stickers x 5
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    QR Guest Stickers x 5

    Take your clients to a hidden page on the Green Salon Collective website where they can read all about the wonderful things that we are doing with your waste.  The...
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