"We are pleased to announce that Green Salon Collective is partnering with OPI to to tackle nail salon waste.

OPI is a leader in the industry and we are excited to collaborate with them to create innovative solutions that meet the needs of our shared client base. We believe this partnership will be mutually beneficial and look forward to a long and successful collaboration." - Fry Taylor of GSC.

“It is our responsibility to help our consumers and salon partners make a positive impact on the planet. This partnership will be a game changer for the nail industry and OPI, enabling salons to become more environmentally conscious.” - OPI


Read down to see the two GSC x OPI Bundles available to buy 


Why even tackle salon waste, is it an issue as I already recycle?

Put simply, mixed recycling doesn't work. In a typical mixed recycling bin, like you might have in your salons, on average less than 10% of that is recycled!

One of the main challenges of mixed recycling is that it can result in contamination of the recyclable materials. When different types of materials are mixed together, it can be difficult to separate them effectively. For example, food waste or liquid can contaminate paper and cardboard, rendering it non-recyclable. Similarly, small or lightweight items can fall through the cracks of sorting equipment, leading to missed recovery.

The key to successful recycling is separation

The key to successful recycling is separation because it allows materials to be processed more efficiently and effectively. When recyclable materials are separated by type, they can be more easily directed to the appropriate processing facility and can be more effectively recycled into new products.

For example, paper and cardboard can be recycled into new paper products, while plastic bottles can be melted down and made into new plastic products. If these materials are mixed together, it can be more difficult to effectively recycle them. 


Salon Recycling Bins Separated Waste Sustainable Beauty Professionals Say No to Landfill

We have two OPI exclusive kits for you to start your sustainability journey:


 3x Small Bins (Nail Files, Metals, Glass) 

 1x Postage Returns Box*                            

 1x OPI Nature Strong Bundle: 1x Base Coat, 1x Top Coat & 4x Shades

£101.00 (incl. 15% discount)


*Additional Returns Boxes £94



3x Small Bins (Nail Files, Metals, Glass)       

1x Postage Returns Box                                                                       

2x Large Bins (Paper & Plastic)                      

1x Free Year of Paper & Plastic Collections* (based on 1 bag per week)

1x OPI Nature Strong Bundle: 1x Base Coat, 1x Top Coat & 8x Shades

£229.00 (incl. 15% discount) 


*Additional 1 Year of bag collections £110




Fry Taylor

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