Message from Insight Professional UK:

"Insight Professional UK is pleased and proud to announce our partnership for 2021 with Green Salon Collective. At Insight Professional UK we believe that the action of us all working in collaboration for a greener planet whatever the size of the action can and will make a difference. Insight by definition is the ability to see and understand clearly the inner nature of things. It is our collective responsibility to do all that we can to improve the future of our planet. Green Salon Collective is a leading organisation and we are happy to endorse their great work and partner for that very reason.

To all new and existing Green Salon Collective members, we salute you for being a part of this important movement for change and betterment.

The ethos and philosophy of Insight Professional UK and how we interact with the modern hairdressing industry runs in parallel with that of the Green Salon Collective. We are positive that our green hearted customers will love the service offered by the Green Salon Collective” At Insight Professional UK we offer and provide a fully certified Vegan eco-conscious range of colour, hair care and styling; created by our talented and world-renowned hair experts in Italy.

At Insight Professional UK we are proud to offer a 360-degree professional offering; designed for the modern hairdresser looking for more than an eco-conscious gesture when selecting their salon’s green business partner. Our green-hearted hair experts in Italy have created the perfect blend of performance and value for money and made sure that all of the important and key boxes have been ticked when designing our ethical and sustainable range of products."

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